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Stock Items

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Stock Round U-Bolts

U-Bolt, Round Bend

Standard Pipe Size

Style UB - 137
Style UB - 137 Heavy

Lightweight Pipe Size

Style UB - 120

Hardware Size

Style UB - 300
Style UB - 315
Style UB - 330

Ductile Iron U-Bolts

Ductile Iron

Zinc Plated Square Keystock

Zinc Plated Square Keystock

Stock Anchor Bolts

Hook Bolt, right angle bend
Plain Finish
Hot Dip Galvanized Finish

Wilson Anchor Bolt Sleeves

Anchor Bolt Sleeves

Non-Stock (Specials)

Dimensional capabilities range from 3/16" to 4 1/2",
lengths up to 60 feet. 100% traceable.
Select the illustration below that best fits your needs,
and enter your custom dimensions.


U-Bolt, Round BendU-Bolt, Square Bend

Hook and Anchor Bolts

Hook Bolt (Anchor Bolt)Hook Bolt, Square Bend
Hook Bolt, Round BendHook Bolt, Angle Bend

Eye Bolts

Eye Bolt, OpenEye Bolt, Closed